ottoneu Fantasy Football Arbitration

We’ve been preparing for the 2016 baseball season, so it has been a little quiet around here. There will be more about baseball soon, but let’s talk about football right now. The first ever ottoneu Fantasy Football arbitration period is now open, and it seems like a good time to review what arbitration is and how it makes ottoneu Fantasy Football unique.

The winner of our league, The Gaks, had an excellent draft and crushed all of us with some of his better valued players, such as a $7 Devonta Freeman, a $55 DeAndre Hopkins and a $74 OBJ. Each of those players scored over 260 points last season, which is worth roughly $85. This surplus value (the worth of their performance minus their salary) allows more money to be spent on superstars and gives flexibility for in-season auctions. As it did in our league, the team with the most surplus value usually ends up winning the league.

Arbitration is a way of crowd-sourcing additional salary to players that are underpaid, bringing their salaries closer to their true value. Each team has $60 to allocate across the 11 other teams, and can put anywhere from $4 to $8 on a single team and $1 to $4 on any single player.

  • Arbitration starts on February 15 and lasts until March 1
  • Arbitration allows teams to add dollars to players on other teams in their league
  • Every team has a $60 allocation budget to utilize as they see fit
  • Every team must give every other team in their league at least $1 and no more than $8 in additional salary
  • No player can be allocated more than $4 of additional salary by another team ($44 league max)

It’s a fun system that adds a little competitive balance to ottoneu Fantasy Football. Leave a comment or shoot us an email if you have any questions, and get started allocating!

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