Finding The Right ottoneu League

One of the harder parts of getting started with ottoneu Fantasy Sports is finding the right league. Not everyone has 11 friends available for a time-intensive dynasty league, and joining a league of strangers can be a little awkward. Some leagues and owners are able to overcome this initial hurdle, but ottoneu leagues are more fun and more active when all the owners are comfortable with each other. To that end, we’re trying out a couple of things with ottoneu Fantasy Football that should make it to ottoneu Fantasy Baseball before the 2016 season.

First, you can see the league’s founder on the Join League page, with an easy link to email this user. Only logged-in users can email league founders, so make sure you are registered and logged in. The goal is to encourage users to email founders of leagues they’d like to join and see if the fit makes sense.

Secondly, an availability board has been set up to allow owners to post their availability for ottoneu Fantasy Football leagues. The goal here is to turn this message board into a great place for leagues to recruit new owners.

There is still plenty of time to join ottoneu Fantasy Football leagues, so please check out both features and let us know what you think!

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