Andrew Luck Contest Winners

A couple of days ago, I asked what you would bid on Andrew Luck if he was the first player nominated in your ottoneu Fantasy Football auction draft. There were a bunch of great answers, but three answers stood out:

  1. Chike
    This is a pretty interesting breakdown of how teams may budget in ottoneu Fantasy Football, and even pops back with another great question. Maybe contest number two…
  2. Tom O
    Part two of a two-part comment that lays out some good rationale for spending a lot on Luck
  3. Chris Brown
    There’s always someone who rejects the entire premise of the question, but that doesn’t mean they are necessarily wrong. ottoneu games are all about value, and if it is impossible to extract value out of Andrew Luck, you should look elsewhere.

Chike, Tom O, Chris Brown – email me at help at ottoneu dot com once you’ve paid for a team this season and I’ll make sure you get your money back. We’ll try this again next week, so check back for another chance at a free season of ottoneu Fantasy Football!

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