ottoneu Fantasy Football is live! Get a free team!

The wait is over! You can now join or create an ottoneu Fantasy Football league. Tell your co-workers, your friends, and definitely your single-season fantasy football leagues! Sign up now. Go, go!.

There are some basic rules and roster/scoring options to review for the best experience. As always, feel free to reach out with any questions.

ottoneu Fantasy Football has been in the works since 2013, and it would not have been possible without your support and encouragement. Try it out and share you thoughts with me and other players.

A contest, as promised, to score a free team: leave a comment stating how much you’d spend out of your $400 budget on Andrew Luck if he was the very first player nominated in your draft. We’ll pick a winner and give you $20 towards an ottoneu Fantasy Football team for this season, either a new one or one you already have. Have at it!

27 thoughts on “ottoneu Fantasy Football is live! Get a free team!”

  1. I hope these guys don’t expect to win Luck at such low prices! I’d easily spend 75 – by points above replacement the top QB’s should max out around there, but I think I’d go to 80 or 85 for one of the top couple guys like Luck, since QB’s are more consistent and less risky than RB’s when you’re paying that much

    1. If we need to pick an exact number, put me down for $86. If he’s the first pick I don’t want to mess around waiting for deals. Get someone fast and then you can lay back and wait for the bargains to fill in around him.

  2. My last bid would be $65. Just because QB wouldn’t be the position I’d be willing to overspend on.

  3. $0.

    Call me crazy, but there are other QBs I’d rather have. Let some other team blow 25% of their budget.

  4. $80-$85

    The number of players you get is going to be pretty lean and I’d prefer to spend as much money on players who are going to get me points this year/next than save money for flyers on college kids.

  5. $45 at most. Rather have Bridgewater and someone else younger to build off of. Money at RB and a strong TE.

  6. Andrew Luck should go for about $40 at the high end. The scoring system heavily favors dual-threat running backs and elite wide receivers. Ideally, you’d have 2, $60 running backs, 3 $50 wide receivers, a $40 TE (yes, the elite ones are worth that much here), a $5 kicker and 2 $10 RB backups.

    The remaining $25 would go to matchup guys, depth and prospects.

    Quarterbacks (outside of the top 2-3 guys) will be largely replaceable in Ottoneu football and for that reason I see many of the top teams taking a stars and scrubs approach. You can’t easily platoon your skill players or play match ups like you can in baseball, so the consistent ones will bring home the dollars.

    I think dual-threat quarterbacks will be heavily undervalued in Ottoneu. I’ll take a $30 Kaepernick over a $40 Luck any day.

    The real question here is…how much do you pay for Demaryius Thomas?

  7. He’s usually about 10k or 20% of the cap on DraftKings so I’d say $80 is about the min he’d go for in any league… Taking into account it’s a keeper league, I’d prob go $100

  8. I’d go as high as $40 on Luck. Some people might think that’s low, but 10% of your budget is a good chunk of change. And if you don’t get him, that’s fine. There are plenty of other very capable QB’s out there, and that just means you can spend more on a quality running back. I’d honestly spend more on a RB than any QB. There’s a lot more depth at the QB position, and you never know when one of those younger guys could be poised for a breakout season.

  9. How can I bid when I haven’t looked at the scoring yet?!?

    I’d guess $79 for Mike Trout…I mean Andrew Luck.

  10. I would say $85 as he is probably the best player in the league and is a young guy who will keep getting better. Think of Trout, but with a bigger gap between him and the next best option.

  11. This should obviously vary per league type although all ottoneu leagues have the same scoring for QBS. I figure that regular PPR and maybe one flex is the most popular format and if that is the case, the numbers Luck is widely expected to put up this year would price him around $62. This is assuming one doesn’t break the bank for prospects in college and prices them as nin producers for this year. But I’d pay no more than $62.

  12. Luck is clearly worth no more than $20.

    Given that I wildly undervalue talent, does anyone need someone to fill a spot in a $20 league?

  13. Ottoneu is all about finding value. There is no way that a high profile QB at the first pick is going to go for a “value” price. Expect to pay full retail.
    If I think someone is willing to pay $100 for him, then I’m bidding $99.

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