Weekly Summary: Improving Baseball

I read through all the comments in the post about the database and realized something important: some ottoneu Fantasy Baseball players seem to think Baseball is going to be negatively affected by Football. Nothing could be further from the truth. While ottoneu is a one-person (me!) company, there is currently enough time in the day to keep building and improving both Fantasy Football and Fantasy Baseball until there is enough revenue to justify growing the company. Now, onward to the Fantasy Baseball improvements!

First, the Trade Wizard now has a confirmation screen, so you can double-check your trade offer before it ends up in someone else’s hands. This much-requested feature should reduce the number of loan mistakes in your trade offers and allow for more complicated trade offers to be put together.

Second, the Live page was re-written to make it faster to see how other teams in your league are doing. It is still a little slow to initially load, and I’m continuing to make that page faster since I know the majority of you check it daily.

Third, the Roster Organizer was made accessible year-round, as some owners indicated that they’d like to use this planning tool even while the season is on-going.

Fourth, I rolled out some new information on player cards. Average salaries, projected positional eligibility, and ownership percentages are now available on player cards, so you can make smarter personnel decisions.

Finally, I’ve started work on a tool that will allow commissioners to retroactively change lineups. It is being built to directly address the kind of data loss that occurred last Friday. This tool will have a significant number of checks in place to prevent it from being used inappropriately. I’m hoping to roll it out to a few leagues towards the end of this season and it should be available to all baseball leagues this off-season.

On the Football side, more steps were taken to ensure that another database event never occurs. I now feel confident that the mistake I made Friday night cannot be replicated, and that if another database event occurs due to my error or any other reason that there are more fallbacks than were in place last week.

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10 thoughts on “Weekly Summary: Improving Baseball”

  1. Thanks for all the updates and enhancements. Ottoneu continues to get better and better. While it might be a one-man show, it’s still top notch customer service.

  2. I would like to be able to delete more than one player at a time on my watch lists. Thanks for the hard work.

    1. Saw this comment last night, rolled it out this morning. You are now able to remove multiple players from your watchlist at once.

  3. my biggest grip with ottoneu is there is no way (ive never seen it so its not simple) on my team page to look at last 30 day stat data. it gets into june and onward and i’d like to more easily set my lineup via a past 30 days performance.

    other than that, as a first year user, im pretty happy about playing, and im looking forward to joining a pay out money league next year

    1. There’s a link to the left of free agents that takes you to a fangraphs page with just your team listed. I’m on my phone so I don’t remember what the link says exactly. From there you can view splits of all sorts including by month.

      1. I’m also working on getting 30-day / 7-day splits up on the lineups page. Once I get those speedy enough, I’ll add them!

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