Football Week 1 (in which leagues can be created but not joined)

My first full week working entirely on ottoneu Fantasy Football just wrapped up, and it seems like a good idea to share the progress made over the past few days.

Screenshot 2015-05-25 10.38.47

I mostly committed code to football, but there was some effort on baseball as well. The biggest baseball change made was that owners can no longer see who started an auction until after the auction is completed. This will force owners to bid based on the quality of player rather than against the team that started bidding. This was a small change, but an important one to some of the more competitive leagues. I also made a small fix to how math is calculated in the trade wizard and changed who “Trade Withdrawn” emails are sent to based on bugs reported in Slack. Did I mention you should join the ottoneu Community Slack?

The football week was spent working on league creation – a pretty natural place to start. As of a few minutes ago, owners can create leagues at all payment tiers, $20 to $500. However, no one else can join these leagues! That will be the milestone for the upcoming week. Once people can create and join leagues, the next major milestone will be porting the auction draft from baseball to football, with a few small improvements of course.

This first week has been more productive than I expected, and if I can keep this up I feel pretty confident about an early July launch for ottoneu Fantasy Football.

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