ottoneu Fantasy Football: Coming July 2015

ottoneu Fantasy Football will be launching in July 2015. Teams will start at $20/season, there will be prize leagues, and I have chosen to leave my day job to devote all my attention to launching ahead of the 2015 football season.

ottoneu Fantasy Football will be unlike other fantasy football games and somewhat similar to ottoneu Fantasy Baseball. I wrote a quick post about this last November, but I also need to learn more from you! What are you interested in getting from a fantasy football game that you do not get today? Is ottoneu about advanced stats, prospects, team-building, or a combination? As the football game begins to come together, your input and feedback will be vital to its success.

The next few months are going to be a sprint to make sure the core football systems are in place and ready to go for the 2015-16 NFL season. I’m available via the normal channels, and I would highly recommend joining the ottoneu Slack community to participate in the ongoing conversations about both baseball and football.

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  1. What type of scoring formats are you looking into. As in, points per yardage and points for TDs. Is there a way to make this something customizable within each separate league or will each league have 4 points for Passing TD, 1 point per reception, etc? I know baseball has set scoring but it would be nice to have this customization for football.

    1. Corey,

      I ran a fantasy football site with around 3 million annual hits for 4 years. I’ve played in dozens of “expert leagues” with the top names in the industry. Despite my experience, scoring format is always the number one question in football.

      Like you touched on, baseball has adopted a generally accepted scoring format. Football hasn’t.

      If you are looking for “most popular” scoring format, I would suggest adopting what the daily league sites use. I believe a consensus has been reached by most of them.

      With my experience putting out top 300 lists every week is that the majority of our audience was heavily skewed to PPR leagues.

      Of course, customize scoring format would cater to everyone. Ultimately we did this for our site too. User puts in scoring format, lists are generated from that. A number of other “expert” sites do the same thing.

      Not sure if I’ve told you anything you likely didn’t already know, but feel free to shoot me an email if I can be of any help.

      1. To moderator: oops! Looks like I miss interpreted the post. I thought corey was with the site. Seems he was just a commentor like myself. Feel free to delete my lengthy comment and this reply. My intent was to speak directly with Niv. Sorry about that.

      2. That all sounds right. The big differentiators will be on dynasty auction and also college players, so keeping things roughly standard here seems right. To Brad’s point below, maybe 2-3 points systems make sense, a relatively standard system that the daily leagues use, and a couple of more advanced options.

  2. The two things that make Ottoneu so great to me are the arb system and the points system. (The sortable stats part is really important too.) I’d recommend contacting Brian Burke or one of the football stats guys and see if there’s a consensus way to build an advanced stats version of fantasy football.

  3. What sucks about about football is it is so dependent on the initial draft. If you don’t draft a good team, u r done. There are usually no trades or good players in the free agent pool to make a difference. U can’t mave moves and work it so u can get back into contention like u can w baseball. Maybe limiting the team size to 1 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 te, 1 k, 1 def and a small bench of 3? This might create more activity.

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