For quite sometime

For quite sometime, the said Barangay Kagawad has been harassing and intimidating Dina at her place of work but she tried her best to disregard the same because she want to maintain friendly relations among the other vendors in the market. Moreover, Dina would also like to show respect due to This Barangay Kagawad’s position. Dina was so busy but peacefully selling fresh fish during the rush hour in the afternoon when this Barangay Kagawad suddenly came and told her “Bakit Dyan Ka Nakapwesto? Hindi Pwede Yan!” A few minutes after, Barangay Kagawad commanded her helper to remove Dina from her current position and install their “bilao” of Fish.

One interviewee also acknowledged the role of the media in letting people know what love is and how relationships tend to work. As the media reflect the idea of love and relationships, viewers who do not have an idea or who have not yet experienced such feelings and emotions are thus, to a certain extent, educated on what it means to be loved and to love, and what it means to be in a relationship. This then perhaps also sets the standard on how one must treat the other in order for their relationship to be meaningful or successful.

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