Golden Ending: The “Best Men Ending”

Kurando Wada falls victim to an exaggerated case in Popcorn Avatar. Thanks to a previous incident when a bump to the head made him regress to the hyperactive, skirt flipping personality he had as a 9 year old, all the girls in his class start treating him like he’s a dangerous pervert. He assures them that he has no interest in what’s under their clothes, which they automatically take as an insulting comparison to Lisa Vayu. He immediately counters that he doesn’t even like big breasts, only for Lisa to put a hand on his shoulder right after he says it. While she’s painfully punishing him for that, he tells her she has the best breasts in the world. just when his sister happens to walk in looking for him.

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In the face of threats from the company’s management

it’s time you got introduced to the all

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Replica Handbags Of course precisely because there were gaps that could not be supplemented with more Officials (
A typical week for us, it was about 78 hours working, as over a typical 12-hour shop that was open, we had to be there at least half an hour before we prepared it, and usually half an hour after the closure until the last customers leave to close the funds
Every month, the company set some targets that sellers or technicians would have to catch, who were either sales to a specific product or service revenues, or sale of services such as
The 12th consecutive work without additional staff often led to mistakes and delays at the expense of customers, so our duties expanded to a number of blogs or pages that occasionally reported customer complaints, as when it was perceived this meant an alarm, and with a command “from above” we were entering and writing as “customers” that every time we are completely happy, and rather the complainant has an interest in “mopping up the company with mud”

Although no worker in the fear of dismissal and stigma a person who would be admitted to the labor market especially in a provincial city never took refuge in the labor inspection, the inspection came to us by chance, since an inspection employee who was a frequent customer and needed servicing from the service was constantly seeing the same person on the bench no matter what time it was coming, so ask yourselfThe technician told her the truth, and the next day they came for official. In the face of threats from the company’s management, all employees replied that they were working 8 hours apart from the specific technician who replied that it actually works
After this incident the labor inspection again did checks and always found people to work outside the hours declared or had been
again in the company did not change
The aforementioned technician after a few days decided to announce f the company will now only work for the 8-hour payable and within 2 days was dismissed on the pretext that there was a customer service complaint

All the redundant people were organized and demanded our paid unpaid 12 hours that we did so
It was all against us, even the same local labor inspectorate that checked the store, refusing to give us the slightest document or a confirmation that they actually found illegal 12 hours and working on a day off at that shop to add to the file a! Finally, we needed a written order from the prosecutor to give us the documents for the inspections they had
After many obstacles and delays from where we did not expect it, our lawsuit was filed with its authorities
As much as we tried to make known our history, no media was willing to publish, when we were writing on social media or information pages, accused us of working for competitors or trolling (according to our previous experience, a percentage of them were definitely employees of the group …) br>
a group tried to delay it as long as it can with postponements and excuses, and finally after almost 4 years in the Athens Court of First Instance and with decision number 1761/2017
However, the group is delaying and does not want to pay, proposing a humiliating compromise and threatening me appeal to the Court of Appeal if not the lawlet’s add here that besides our own training there is a previous one from the employees of the Patras store where they also earned their accruals which they got there with the thousand. We hope to make public and inform about the store chain that behaves the workers like galleys, who established the black unreported and unpaid 12 hours, introduced Black Friday and working Sunday in Greece, and many other accomplishments we would choose not to mention
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