” (Though Imam should not have said) And I did not find any

‘the madwoman of chaillot’ at the sunnyvale community center

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Cheap Fingerlings Monkey Having seen this all, I found Rajev wrong because he abused first, and as he says every action has a reaction, so he got when Imam said “tera baap.” (Though Imam should not have said) And I did not find any housemate boycotting Rajev for his bad behaviour. No one asked him to go and apologise because his words were in bad taste. Now do you think any of them deserves to win the show? Only Sapna handled it in a good way. Cheap Fingerlings Monkey

Fingerlings Outlet This is in line with what seem to be the intentions of the organizers of this Occupation General Assembly, which was to squash political thought by constantly insisting that this remain an apolitical movement not guided by any underlying principles or programs. To do this is to undermine any chance for the 99% to address their concerns through collective action. Together they are much more powerful than the 1% but until they consciously organize behind a revolutionary program they will continue to be easily trounced by the kings of capital, who are very well organized and politically conscious Fingerlings Outlet.

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