It is narrated from this hadeeth: It was narrated that

Although most items found in the market now has a tag “Made in China” when one really delves into the origins of certain item(s),like many things in use today, scarves too are said to share their origin to none other than Ancient Rome and how it was used quite differs from how it is mostly used today. Note nevertheless that similar usage can still be observed in certain parts of the world as will be discussed further below. So how did the inhabitants of the Ancient Rome make use of what has evolved into a fashion statement (mostly at the least) today? Well, rest assured that the Romans made use of scarves in a most pragmatic way as it is known to be used as a cloth that was used to soak up the sweat on and around the neck and face when the sun’s wrath fell upon the mankind making them perspire.

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O Allah, bless and salute in every profile and soul on your Maulana Muhammad Abdik the illiterate prophet and on you as much as your greatness. The mother and the greater the greatness of your smile
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-..Oh who is above the dirt
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