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Jensen: I know I have all of Led Zeppelin’s vinyls at There’s a sign in the crowd that is supposed to say “We love Sam and Dean” but the N fell off so it says “We love Sam and Dea” – Jared: I can see this sign in the audience that says…We love Sam and the Drug Enforcement Agency!” lol
Fan asks: If you could relive any day, which day would you relive and why? Fans shout out: Tuesday!
Jensen about his twins being born: My wife is way cooler than me, she was cool as a During the birth, Arrow didn’t want to turn Jensen tells the storyabout how Jared knows him so well that he told him to check to make sure he had his passport when Danneel was about to go into labor with the twins and Jensen really had forgotten When they made it back to Austin, Jensen’s friend in the police department drove him through 7 stoplights so that he could make it in time for the twins being Jared calls Gen and Danneel badasses :)
The day Jared wants to relive the most hasn’t happened Jared on the last day of filming SPN: It’ll be us and hopefully Collins is there and whoever else, and it’s going to go by so Jared: The last day of filming is going to be hard and the next day will be sad but hopefully that’s many years from Jared: “If Sam and Dean knew everything that would happen to them over 13 years, would they do it all over again? Jensen about fans who have seen every episode twice: “You complete Jared: That’s Boys talking about when they knew they’d be good friends and Jensen knew instantly that he and Jared would be Jared: The struggles are the moments in a relationship when you figure out whether it’s worth it to carry on or Jared also knew that they had a lasting friendship the first time they got Jared: “We got jumped and Ackles came back to make sure his boy was The moment where Dean stuffed candies into his pocket was unscripted, Jensen just wanted Jared: The writers, directors, crew, etc, know that we really understand our characters, we’re not just trying to look Jensen about being allowed to change Boys say the best idea On anxiety and depression – Jared: Sometimes love and affection and support isn’t Jared: I had a day when I wasn’t sure I’d see the sun rise Jared on how to deal with depression and anxiety: Seek professional help, Jensen: I took a drama class in high school because I had to take an arts elective and didn’t want to sing and couldn’t Jared: I still have a lot of life to Jared about acting: If it sucks and you want to walk away, then walk Jared’s oldest son, Tom, just started school thisFan: Is there any bad guy or monster you’d like to face off against again? Jared: Ruby!
Jared, imitating his kids watching SPN in the future: “Daddy, why did Uncle Jensen kill Mom?”
Jensen would like to see Death back on Jared: The best thing I learned to do in therapy, and am still learning, is to see everything for what it Jared: Stop using the word Jared says that whenever he feels negative about things Jensen lifts him Jared mentioned that he struggles feeling good in his body and will tell Jensen that he feels fat and Jensen will tell him that he looks Jensen: If you make a mistake you’re not Fan has a question for It took Jared two years to write his 40 page chapter for Jared: The Padaleckis and the Ackles went to Turks and Caicos together a couple years Jensen: He kept writing his chapter, so I walked Jared says if he writes more, he might just put it on Gen’s Jared: “There’s a certain freedom that I feel when they call Jensen about getting through hard times: I go to family, friends, and if that doesn’t work I go to the gun Jensen says he tries to be very practical about his expectations, where he is, where he wants to be, and sometimes he’ll make a Jared: Pain is Random tweets after the panel: some penis jokes lol and lots of touching between the Replica Bags Wholesale.