I have worn Knowing off and on over the years

I in almost total agreement with you on those heavy chypres, and I don care for Mitsouko either it actually the heavy leather swampy vetiver part that gets me, as it does in the original No 19 and Cristalle. I have worn Knowing off and on over the years, but these days it seems really hard to me for some reason. I prefer the lighter dry chypre that is normally paired with a green floral. (I don know how I missed it the first time around, but my head swoons each time I wear Safari now What also surprises me (and this gets back to that oakmoss thing) is that I went and read all of the ingredients on my fragrance boxes about a month ago. And you know, there were plenty of my frags that listed oakmoss (evernia prunastri) or tree moss (evernia furfuracea) even though the fragrance itself isnt considered a chypre. I agree with Robin that sometimes these categories are bunk and a lot of the PR is just nonsense.

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As an avid R listener, there nothing wrong with any of this, but as an avid R. Kelly fan, I can help but miss hearing him brag more about how great he is at doing really weird things I sometimes don even fully understand. Luckily, it appears the 45 year old will release Black Panties later this year, which based on the title alone, should be epic.

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In Arrested Development’s fourth season

Cruel Intentions (tempt me) “This fragrance features the warm, enfolding balsamic notes of Oud, a legendary wood said to be “worth more than its weight in gold”. Beneath the pseudoinnocence displayed by Bergamot from Calabria, the seduction trap closes courtesy of Centifolia Rose and woody heart notes. Papyrus, Vetiver from Haiti and Guaiacum Wood provide hints of mystery and elegance and then comes a grand finale of warm, sensuous Styrax and Castoreum.” Developed by perfumer Sidonie Lancesseur..

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Britney Spears shot to fame with her debut single, Baby One More Time back in 1999, and since then she’s been a household name across the globe. In fact, she’s still one of the biggest celebrities in the world, and a legendary pop icon, and with credential like this, it’s little surprise that her fragrance collection has some of the most popular celeb scents in the shops today.

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breaking news on stabbing at calgary medical clinic

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