May be prison of fear, sadness, greed or hatred

That takes care of military conflicts. Guantanamo is just too precious for words an American run prison. Do you know the conditions in Russian prisons how easy it is to get into it and how hard it is to get out? Please, don’t make me laugh.

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He said peace be upon him from the world:
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Hermes Birkin Replica In Yemen, which is unique in its revolution and its post-revolutionary political manipulation, is also unique in the quality of abortion and the failures of the Sunni Islamic trend with its reformist and Salafist wings. Yemen, like the rest of the Arab Spring countries, was the Islamic movement in the forefront of the ranks which got up to change and is characterized by the Islamic movement in Yemen from others in the rest of the region, he is more coherent and more presence and more co-existence with the currents of civil and social elites and ruling elites, power and clarified the picture more during the outbreak of the popular youth revolution that toppled former president Ali Saleh as a result of the impact of the current And its relations with the centers of political, military, economic and popular influence, has been able to support and support the revolution through the announcement of these centers joining the revolution, which hastened the loss of Saleh to control the state and its institutions

The positive situation of the Islamic trend in Yemen and its political and popular impact is which alarmed the secular and liberal in the Gulf states, especially in financing countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait) classify the Islamic stream represented by the Yemeni assembly to reform and Salafi stream as a threat to family governance systems in the Gulf and this classification came as a result Breaking the secular and liberal trend backed by Western and Zionist forces with strong ties to Iran The historical enemy of these regimes

Features The antagonism of Gulf finance countries to the Islamists in Yemen seemed clear through the practical laxity with the Iranian-backed movement publicly, represented by the pro-Iranian Shiite Houthis, it did not stop at the borders of inaction, but exceeded and reached the re-classification of the group as a threat to the national security of the Gulf and Saudi private to a friendly group, and started across the Gulf channels from outside the ruling class to provide political and media support and financial consultant and of course that seemed to wa Ha and tangible reality

Gulf Finance Systems sensed the danger of Yemen revolution and its danger lies in the simulation of the peoples of those countries and transfer especially in light of the rapid flow of transfer and circulation of information and the application of the people of financing for the experience of countries experience this means the outbreak of a popular revolution may not be able to extinguish them as initial appearances extinguished raging in Bahrain and Oman, which was a reflection of the revolution Tunisia

war aThe ousted and financed the revolution and provided the protection

Ali Saleh is raised by his opponents political support, financial and media Gulf and implemented by the group Houthi and under the supervision of the Presidency and the war by the Houthi achieve multiple goals for the ousted and President Hadi, which aspirations to weaken the centers of power in The North is in retaliation for the South, which was weakened by the deposed and executed by Abed Rabbo Mansour, all of whom appeared to have coincided with their evil machinations when weakening the Islamic trend in response to the Gulf’s tendencies in support of special issues.

Hadi is currently the biggest supporter of Houthi, Stores Armed Forces and Haid The committee found that the individuals and officers on vacation may be on an unofficial combat mission with Huthi and that their financial dues go to the leaders of those brigades and that the weapons do not exist and that they Sold to al-Houthi, deduced from this infusion that his goal was to calm the anger of the role of the army, but what explains the official support for al-Houthi is not to take any action to hold the leaders of these brigades on this work and the decision of accountability in the hands of the Supreme Leader, which is Abed Rabbo Hadi

The weakening of the Islamic trend is an important task for Hadi All of these people want Islamic people without a genuine Islamic trend Hermes Birkin Replica.