But he said to her (“Kony cold and peace on Ibrahim)) to

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The first command ((Lathavy)) The second command ((in the sky))
The first news ((and Oohina)) And the second story ((If you faint) ) And the second gospel ((and made by the messengers)) How did Moses’ mother receive this revelation, that God said to her if she was afraid of him? He said to the fire that he was cold and peace on Abraham was the one who said to the mother of Moses (“If you faint for him, he will cast him in the sea.”) If God had said to the fire that I would be cold on Abraham to freeze Abraham from the intensity of its cold, though God said to the fire: To Abraham to hurt Ibrahim from the intensity of her freedom. But he said to her (“Kony cold and peace on Ibrahim)) to gather him to live Ibrahim in a kindergarten of paradise in cold and peace. Take away the heat and fire and keep it on the light and shine, and your Lord was mighty. replica Purse

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