Does strategy = talent?

Cliff Lee is dealing tonight: 9 Ks/0 BBs through 7 IP (and maybe more to come soon). No doubt he’s one of the best – if not the best – pitcher in the game at the moment. He’s throwing nasty pitches but also mixing them up effectively and hitting his spots. Now I think it’s clear to say that his pitch quality and precision are “talents.” Maybe more debatable is his pitch selection and general location – I’ll contend that it is a strategy, instead. Could he possibly be performing even more effectively if he had Greg Maddux in his ear calling pitches?

Lee is still really good by any measure – now 10 Ks/0BBs through 8.

This post has been revised on account of being written while highly distracted by baseball and after a few beers. It needs to be expanded upon anyway.

One thought on “Does strategy = talent?”

  1. “we can’t should ignore pitch selection and defensive placement and hitter’s signs and instead just look at results given the given strategy both teams pursue”

    I think you’re going to need to clean that up in post.

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