Sunday update

There are a whole lot of things that I like about my job. It’s interesting and rewarding work, and normally it’s not too hectic. However, the past 10 days or so have involved a lot of frantic coding so that we can publish one of our main products by October 1. Not that there’s a choice… it has to be out by October 1. And as Niv can attest, I’ve pretty much gone AWOL so that I can finish up everything for our website.

Working at this pace at work has really killed all desire to come home and write even more code, even if this code is much more fun. However, I did just now sit down and got True Talent Level looking a bit more presentable. Not that there’s any content there, but at least there’s a link over to everything that we’ve got going on over here (including Niv’s post, which was well worth the wait!).

I’ve been doing a few things behind the scenes, but really hope to step things up if possible this week. I’m seeing Niv the next two weekends in a row, and hopefully there will be a great deal of discussion about our respective projects and where we need to go next with them.

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