I don’t have much left in me tonight, so not much thought involved in this one. Niv and I are heading to Phoenix in early November, and that’s obviously a big driving force to get some stuff done. In time for the trip, I would like to accomplish the following:

  1. Register the chosen domain name (this is really like step 0 and probably should have been done already)
  2. Have a website template up for what I want the site to look like, with probably one hitter and one pitcher as examples (so that I don’t have to worry too much yet about how to do all the back end stuff)
  3. Have a very good understanding of what I can do with the data
  4. Be reasonably close to having all of the necessary equations and statistics down

If I can accomplish all that in time I think it will be a pretty successful trip. No need to have a finished product, but I at least need to be 90% of the way there in my mind and have some sort of a product available to help explain everything.

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